Walking’s New Movements

The Walking’s New Movements conference was an opportunity for walking activists, radical walkers, and psychogeographers to discuss what is happening in walking now and where new initiatives, changes of direction and novel terrains are emerging.

University of Plymouth, November 1st to 3rd 2019
Conference on Walking and Art
Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth (UK)

Organisers: Helen Billinghurst (University of Plymouth), Claire Hind (York St John University) and Phil Smith (University of Plymouth)

    Presented papers:

  • Cathy Turner, ‘Walking With Elephants’
  • Jeremy Hastings, ‘Walking with pack animals – donkeys, day after day and how this impacts upon the walking artist’
  • James Frost, Sonia Overall, ‘Being Horse’
  • Simon Bradley, Ursula Troche, ‘Micro-psychogeography: walking as a re-source for reimagining place-identity’
  • Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt, ‘Suriashi as a ceremonial, subversive act’
  • Geraldine van Heemstra, ‘You only see the Wind through what it touches’
  • Sarah Harper, ‘The Great Crossing: reactivating a coal-field through walking’
  • Rosalind Murray, Art O’Neill Mooney, ‘C-BUG’
  • Volkhardt Müller, John Wylie, Paula Crutchlow, Chris Hunt, Steven Palmer, John Drever, ‘Walking with the biological-digital apparatus of The Common Line
  • Cathy Greenhalgh, ‘Shapeshifting: ‚Obecity‘, A Fat Female Psychogeography of London’
  • Robert Bean, Barbara Lounder, ‘Breathing-in-the-Breathable: annotated walks as public pedagogy’
  • Davina Kirkpatrick, Carol Laidler, ’Walking-Not-Walking’
  • Jonathan Pitches, ‘Handrailing a Route through Mountain Studies’
  • Rosie Sherwood, ‘Walking toward Rewilding?’
  • Sarah Scaife, ‘Magical aesthetics: walking with eight legs’
  • Ken Wilson, ‘White Man Walking: Settler Ambulation in Colonized Spaces’
  • Richard White, ‘Walking-with whiteness’
  • Carol Taylor, Nikki Fairchild, ‘Mind the gap. Woman walking alone: Fear as Affective Assemblage’
  • Aled Singleton, ‘Walking and Psychogeography: Studying Caerleon’
  • Anna Falcini, ‘Chasing Mists: Walking to scent and sense the Atmosphere of the Hoo Peninsula’
  • Charlie Fox ,‘Owning the territory – radical approaches to on the ground mapping and de/territorialisation’
  • Ali Pretty, ‘Welcome to the Kitchen Table’
  • Hilary Ramsden, Clare Qualmann, ‘CHIP WALK’
  • Debbie Kent, Blake Morris, ‘The A-Game’
  • Elspeth (Billie) Penfold, ‘Are You Listening? A Soundscape’
  • Simon King, ‘Walking with Correspondence’
  • Sally Mann, John Mann, ‘How long does a walk have to be?’
  • William Sharpe, ‘What Does a Walk Look Like?’
  • Iain Biggs, ‘Walking away? From deep mapping to mutual accompaniment’
  • Lizzie Hobson, ‘Walking-with: methodologies for social change’
  • Ben Waddington, ‘Walking as an Agent for Observation: Noticing what we Notice’
  • Camilla Brudin Borg, ’Imitation and co-creation: Walking through the narrative room’
  • Yael Sherill, Lianne Mol, ‘Guided Tours vs. Walks’
  • Marie-Anne Lerjen, ‘Walking Stairs’
  • Ruby Wallis, ‘Outcrops – getting out, getting in’
  • Sally Watkins, Amanda Wallwork, ‘Portland’
  • John Bowers, Tim Shaw, ‘On MythoGeoSonics’
  • Rebecca Johinke, ‘Walking as a subversive and transformative act: Lilian’s Story’
  • Alyson Hallett, ‘Stone Talks: Book Launch’
  • Lucy Furlong, ‘sward (n.)’
  • Monali Meher, ‘Backward walking in silence with incense sticks’
  • Tom Spooner, ‘Transsubjective Walking: Visual Representation and the Sublime Today’
  • Meri Alarcon, ‘Nomadic walking as storytelling’
  • Morag Rose, ‘Desire Lines, DNA, Debored and Me’
  • Ishita Jain, ‘The Walk of a Shape-Shifter: MAPPING ‘ELSE-WHERE’
  • Michele Whiting, ‘Landandmybody … my body from the stillness drinking in…’
  • Leah Lovett, Duncan Hay, Martin de Jode, Andrew Hudson-Smith, ‘Walking in Tree Time: The Listening Wood project’
  • Miranda Whall, ’Crawling is a better way of getting around’
  • Emma Bush, ‘How do our bodies act as instruments of sensory navigation? A study through shared acts of sensing’
  • Vicky Hunter, ‘Walking / Dancing / Moving with Trees’
  • Mel McCree, ‘Free Range Creativity’
  • Sam Christie, ‘’It started with a film and ended with a walk‘: Walking as a creative emergency exit’
  • Sam Kemp, ‘Mythogeography and poetry: radical form, movement and the page’
  • Hamish Fulton, ‘Words From Walks’
  • Susi Gutiérrez, ‘Exploring what is behind the veil’
  • Helen Billinghurst, ‘English Cabinet’

Provocations from Jonathan Polkest, Megan Calver and Gabrielle Hoad, Philippe Guillaume, Chloe Lund, Gudrun Filipska and Carly Butler, Rachel Gomme, Ivan Pope, Stephen Hodge, Matt Fletcher, Kevin Butler, Elspeth Owen, Madeleine Kerslake.

Performances/walks/apps by Claire Hind & Gary Winters, Marilia Ennes, Monali Meher, Jody Oberfelder, Amble Skuse, greenowens, John Bowers & Tim Shaw.Saturday night social performances by Kate Green, John Bowers & Tim Shaw, Mike O’Leary, Crab & Bee.


Walking Stairs

lerjentours sprach über ihre Experimente im Treppensteigen in Montreal 2017/2018 und entwickelte für den Vortrag eine «tragbare 180-Grad-in-3-Schritten-Treppe» (siehe Bild).



Eine Auswahl der Papers wurde 2020 in folgendem Buch publiziert:

WALKING BODIES. Papers, Provocations, Actions, ed. by Helen Billinghurst, Claire Hind, Phil Smith, Triarchy Press, Axminster 2020.